г. Сыктывкар,

Ухтинское шосе, 66

(8212) 29-37-00


SyPly Lamarty


29 April 2015
Certificate of conformity of the quality system to the standard management systems ISO 9001: 2008

Valid to 30 June 2018

Certificate No. 52666-2009-AQ-MCW-FINAS. This is to certify that SYKTYVKAR PLYWOOD MILL (at Ukhtinskoe shosse 66, 167026 Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russian Federation) has been found to conform to the Management System Standard - ISO 9001:2008. This Certificate is valid for the following product or service ranges - MANUFACTURING OF PLYWOOD AND CHIPBOARD. Initial Сertiftcution date - 29.04.2015. This Certificate is valid until 30.06.2018. Place and date - Moscow, 02.07.2012. Lack of fulfilment of conditions as set out in the Certification Agreement may render this Certificate invalid.

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