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Ламинированные древесностружечные плиты Lamarty
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26 January 2018
WKI-1154 Certificate of MFC (laminated chipboard) of Ltd "SPM" production conformity to technical specifications and State Standard requirements of the emission class E1 (acording to European standards)

Valid to 26 June 2018

Herewith it is confirmed that laminated chipboard Lamarty™ manufactured by Syktyvkar Plywood Mill Ltd. by technical class EN 312 completes with the emission class E1 in accordance with the "Regulation on the classification and external supervision of wood-based panels regarding formaldehiyde emission (DIBt-Guideline 100)" dated June 1994, а также согалсно постановлению о запрете использования вредных химических соединений, с использованием метода газового анализа.

This certification is valid as long as the continious supervision will be carried out by WKI two times per year.

Note: European standards are not defined to intermediate classes by formaldehyde emission, there is no intermediate class between E0 and E1. Therefore, products Lamarty were assigned to the formaldehyde emission E1. In Russia there are intermediate classes of formaldehyde emission and according to the actual performance measurement of formaldehyde emission, in Russia Lamarty conforms to E 0,5.

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