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Ламинированные древесностружечные плиты Lamarty
Syktyvkar Plywood Mill ltd.

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66, Ukhtinskoe ave., Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, 167026, Russian Federation




20 June 2018

Certificate of Conformity of MFC and chipboard (Type P2) of formaldehyde emission class E0,5 of Ltd. "SPM" to the State Standard requirements and technical specifications

Valid to 19 June 2021

Ltd. "SPM" production; - chipboard (Type P2) and E1 formaldehyde emission class - meet technical specifications 5534-004-44769167-12

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20 June 2018

Expert opinion on the hygienic safety of laminated chipboard type P2

The samples № 6520/1-2 in the volume of tests RESPONDS to the State sanitary-epidimiological rules and standards.

Sanitary-epidemiological report from the 1st of July 2010.abrogated. The experts' reports are given for the portion of the consignment line with the goal to inform the customers about the consistency of hazardous substances, the order of lab tests and don't have the validity. The inner control of the quality of the production that is held by the certified lab ''SPM'' ltd. and guaranteed in accordance with each portion of consignments with the requirements of TR and All-Union State Standard.


04 June 2018

Fire certificate of MFC conformity

Valid to 03 June 2021

MFC Lamarty conforms to fire safety regulations:
flammability group - G3,
ignition group - B2,
group of smoke-generating capacity - D2,
toxicity group of combustion products - T2.

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26 January 2018

WKI-1154 Certificate of MFC (laminated chipboard) of Ltd "SPM" production conformity to technical specifications and State Standard requirements of the emission class E1 (acording to European standards)

Herewith it is confirmed that laminated chipboard Lamarty™ manufactured by Syktyvkar Plywood Mill Ltd. by technical class EN 312 completes with the emission class E1 in accordance with the "Regulation on the classification and external supervision of wood-based panels regarding formaldehiyde emission (DIBt-Guideline 100)" dated June 1994, а также согалсно постановлению о запрете использования вредных химических соединений, с использованием метода газового анализа.

This certification is valid as long as the continious supervision will be carried out by WKI two times per year.

Note: European standards are not defined to intermediate classes by formaldehyde emission, there is no intermediate class between E0 and E1. Therefore, products Lamarty were assigned to the formaldehyde emission E1. In Russia there are intermediate classes of formaldehyde emission and according to the actual performance measurement of formaldehyde emission, in Russia Lamarty conforms to E 0,5.

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23 October 2017

EPA TSCA VI-Certificate for compliance with requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) No. 1155

Particleboard produced by the Syktyvkar plywood factory with a thickness of 16-18 mm complies with the requirements of the US EPA (EPA TSCA VI)

  1. AT 1155 EPA TSCA 2017 3 Syktyvkar-PB Syktyvkar e.pdf

05 June 2017

CARB-Attestation (California Air Resources Board) to the сertificate No. 1155 for particleboard

Valid to 05 June 2019

Fraunhofer-lnstitut fur Holzforschung has:

  1. verified the accuracy of the emission test procedures and facilities used by the composite wood product manufacturer to conduct formaldehyde emission tests,
  2. monitored the manufacturers quality assurance programs,
  3. assessed that the below mentioned product fulfils the emission requirement according table 1 of § 93120.2 of Phase 2
  4. provided independent audits and inspections as an ARB approved third party certifier according supervision contract No. 1155 with the manufacturer

  1. SC 1155 CARB 2017 2 Syktyvkar PB Syktyvkar e 0.pdf,
  2. SC 1155 TSCA 2017 3 Syktyvkar PB Syktyvkar e.pdf,
  3. AT 1155 CARB 2017 3 Syktyvkar PB Syktyvkar e.pdf

22 December 2015

Certificate of Conformity of MFC and chipboard of advanced moisture-resistance formaldehyde emission class E1 of Ltd. "SPM" to the State Standard requirements and technical specifications

Valid to 22 December 2018

Ltd. & quot; SPM & quot production; - chipboard of advanced moisture-resistance and E1 formaldehyde emission class - meet the State Standard requirements 10632-2007

Ltd. "SPM" production; - laminated particle board of advanced moister-resistance and E1 formaldehyde emission class - meet technical specifications 5534-004-44769167-12 and the State Standard requirements Р 52078-2003 as amended №1 scl. 4.2 table, 5.1

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09 June 2007

Certificate of Lamarty trademark

Valid to 09 June 2027

Certificate of trademark №360325

A right holder -Ltd. & quot; Syktyvkar Plywood Mill & quot; 167026, Syktyvkar, Ukhtinskoye Avenue, 66 (RU)

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Quality system certificate

15 June 2018

Certificate of conformity of the quality system to the standard management systems ISO 9001:2015

Valid to 30 June 2021

Certificate No. 52666-2009-AQ-MCW-FINAS. This is to certify that SYKTYVKAR PLYWOOD MILL (at Ukhtinskoe shosse 66, 167026 Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russian Federation) has been found to conform to the Management System Standard - ISO 9001:2015. This Certificate is valid for the following product or service ranges - MANUFACTURING OF PLYWOOD AND CHIPBOARD. Lack of fulfilment of conditions as set out in the Certification Agreement may render this Certificate invalid.

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06 March 2017

Valid to 06 March 2019

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Certification of the supply chain

23 May 2018

Self-Declaration regarding FSC™

24 June 2014


Valid to 23 June 2019

Syktyvkar Plywood Mill is certified by NEPCon:

  1. Certificate Type: Single Chain-of-Custody and Controlled Wood
  2. Standard: FSC-STD-50-001, FSC-STD-40-004 V2-1 and FSC-STD-40-005 V2-1
  3. FSC License Code: FSC-C007353
  4. Certificate Registration Code: NC-COC-014156, NC-CW-014156
  5. Valid from: June 24, 2014 to June 23, 2019

Additional details regarding the certificate scope, including products and species, are found at

This certification was conducted by NEPCon. The validity of this certificate shall be verified on This certificate does not constitute evidence that a particular product supplied by the certificate holder is FSC certified and/or FSC Controlled Wood. Products offered, shipped or sold by the certificate holder can only be considered covered by the scope of this certificate when the required FSC claim is clearly stated on invoices and shipping documents.

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Reference data

19 July 2017

Correspondence table of Lamarty decors' names to REHAU selvages' codes

Edge to Lamarty decors

The correspondence table of Lamarty decors' names to REHAU selvages' codes was worked out together with the REHAU RUS company.

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08 April 2016

Reference data on the volume, weight and loading norms of Lamarty MFC

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  2. Объемы и вес Lamarty.xls (94 Kb, скачан 646 раз(а))


20 January 2016

Correspondence table of Lamarty decors' names to Doellken (SURTECO) selvages' codes

Edge to Lamarty decors

The correspondence table of Lamarty decors' names to Doellken (SURTECO) selvages' codes was worked out together with the Doellken (SURTECO) company.

  1. Lamarty Doellken соответствие декоров 2016.pdf (254 Kb, скачан 1008 раз(а))

24 July 2015

Beware of Lamarty imitations

The frequency of Lamarty MFC imitation in the furniture market has increased largely. To avoid unprincipled companies with their fake products, we warn you and give some recommendations.

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