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Ламинированные древесностружечные плиты Lamarty
Syktyvkar Plywood Mill ltd.

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66, Ukhtinskoe ave., Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, 167026, Russian Federation



Moisture-resistant MFC  
Main consumers of moisture-resistant MFC – bathroom and kitchen furniture producers for whom moisture resistance is one of the most significant features of their product which guarantees high quality and maximum durability.
We produce moisture-resistant MFC since November 2013

Furniture made of moisture resistant chipboard is the only one that is resistant to moisture and does not lose its application properties in humid conditions. Specific distinction of moisture resistant chipboard is a special green tint.

We make moisture-resistant MFC 16 mm thickness in any decor and texture of Lamarty collection.

MAIN APPLICATION:bathroom furniture production
does not deform, does not swell in humid conditions, possible thickness increase when steeping for 2 hours is up to 12%, does not exfoliate, same exclusive Lamarty decors and textures in new application field

Recommended Lamarty decors for bathroom furniture

Certificates for water-resistant chipboard Lamarty

22 12 2015 

Сертификат соответствия ЛДСП  повышенной влагостойкости (P5) класса эмиссии формальдегида Е1 производства ООО "СФЗ" требованиям ГОСТ и ТУ
Сертификат соответствия ЛДСП повышенной...
Продукция ООО "СФЗ" - плиты ЛДСП повышенной влагостойкости класс эмиссии Е1 - соответствует требованиям нормативных...

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