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Ламинированные древесностружечные плиты Lamarty
Syktyvkar Plywood Mill ltd.

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66, Ukhtinskoe ave., Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, 167026, Russian Federation



2017-07-06. The first Syktyvkar plywood mill LTD certificate of conformity to requirements of CARB for PB/MFC For the first time Syktyvkar plywood mill LTD has received confirmation of compliance to CARB requirements (California Air Resources Board).
2017-05-16. SyPly plywood at Tektonica Trade Fair 2017, Lisbon, Portugal. SyPly plywood was presented by the company MULTIPLACAS at the 19th International Building and Construction Trade Fair “Tektonica” which was held in Lisbon, Portugal.
2017-05-05. Plywood of SyPly Ltd. was represented at the exhibition SEEBBE 2017 in Serbia OMEGA PROFEKS presented plywood to Syktyvkar Plywood Mill in Belgrade
2017-05-04. Film faced plywood of SyPly was brought to the market of Moldova "Constructmet Grup" SRL presented the film faced plywood of Syktyvkar Plywood Mill.
2016-07-08. New Lamarty decors New decors Lamarty 2016/2017 were presented at the conference in Altai Republic
2016-05-30. New CEO of Syktyvkar Plywood Mill LTD May 24, 2016 Viatkin Matvei Vladimirovich was appointed CEO of Syktyvkar plywood Mill LTD.
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2015-07-24: Lamarty warns and advises

keep out of unprincipled companies

24 July 2015
Beware of Lamarty imitations

The frequency of Lamarty MFC imitation in the furniture market has increased largely. To avoid unprincipled companies with their fake products, we warn you and give some recommendations.
  1. Leaflet Beware of Lamarty imitation.jpg (1 Mb) (print)

Lamarty is a registrated trade mark of Syktyvkar Plywood Mill, which became an acknowledged leader in the furniture market thanks to the high quality of eco-friendly chipboard, exclusive decors and unique textures.

However, some companies pose particle board of poor quality as Lamarty and thereby deceive unsuspecting consumers. As a result — defrauded customers with unjustified expectations and battered reputation of our mill. We ask you to be on the outlook! If you've faced this problem or you have doubts about produсt's originality which is being sold under brand Lamarty, please e-mail us

To avoid unprincipled companies we warn and advise:

  • Do business only with trusted suppliers or furniture producers;
  • Ask for certificates on MFC Lamarty ;
  • If doubting, check the MFC supply chain - it has to be transparent - find out who was a supplier and check if he is mentioned on our website- «where to buy Lamarty»;
  • As far as possible ask for exclusive decors and textures (surface structures), compare them with those that are represented on the website;
  • If necessary ask for the label on the MFC package - it contains information about supplier;
  • Pay your attention on presence/absence of stamps on edges of the particle board - their must be non-coloured information printed automatically by our chipboard production line .