LAMARTY laminated chipboard in the "White" decor in the "Dachny Answer" project on the NTV channel.

The House of Heroes "Country Answer " has a concept: the first floor symbolizes the roots and the earth, the second - the fields and forests, and the third - the mountains and the sky.

Designer Alexandra Ermilova decided to complement this concept and create a bedroom in the former workshop that resembles a foggy morning in the mountainsDressing room - mountain peaksHere ice, snow and blinding white lightAfter the dark and mystical bedroom, the dressing room space is very invigorating, like the frosty air in the mountains.There are so many different storage locations in this room.Behind the snow-white wardrobe doors - a wardrobe compartment and a utility compartment for drying and ironing boardAnd in the pedestals there are many drawers and shelves behind the "ice" facades

The partition opposite the dressers was occupied by a wardrobe made of laminated chipboard Lamarty to the very ceiling in the decor " White" embossed "Light silk"Like a snow-covered mountain peak, it fits perfectly into the concept set by the author of the project.The impressive composition is crowned with a mezzanine, under which compartments for clothes and household utensils are located.

You will find a description and video of this interior broadcast on the official the site of the TV show" Dachny Answer "

Live from 11/07/2021
The author of the project - Alexandra Ermilova - creator and ideological inspirer studio Büroblanc , founded in 2016